Real Life, Biblical Perspective

Yes You May: Facebook Live Broadcast 

May 14, 2020 

The Lord is saying, "Yes you may!"  

We also discuss several scriptures that have been constantly highlighted, the parallels with our current circumstances and the Israelites! 

Changing of The Guard (originally recorded August 7, 2017)

May 1, 2020 

This past week I’ve been hearing the Lord saying, “There’s a changing of the Guard coming! All the help that has been surrounding you; I’m not only replacing, but I’m adding too!” Church, we are Heaven’s manifestation in this moment! As we partner with and speak forth ALL that Heaven is declaring, we will see atmospheres, strongholds and mountains crumble!!! 

Unagi, The Israelites & The Ox: Live Broadcast

April 2, 2020

Say WHAT?? 😆
Sounds like the start of a crazy joke or riddle, right? Let’s talk about these & how the Lord is bringing them & us all together to the Well of Revelation!

Your Olive Tree Promises

March 18, 2020

"But I am like an olive tree flourshing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever." 

Psalm 52:8

Help Is On The Way: Live Broadcast

March 12, 2020

Do you see, hear & know what the Lord is showing, speaking & giving?

Help is on the way! Victory is yours!

Church, The Breakfast Club & The Month of Move: Live Broadcast 

March 5, 2020 

Diving deeper into what the Lord was speaking about the church and the Breakfast Club. Also a prophetic word about March being called The Month of Move!

Church & The Breakfast Club

February 25, 2020

What is the Lord saying about this? I’m sharing briefly about what He’s been saying to me. I’ll come back & do a live broadcast to fill in the holes, answer questions & pray over us all!

I Just Want The Real Thing: Live Broadcast

February 17, 2020

We all love cotton candy, but it will never sustain us. We cannot only live for the manifest presence of God. It does amazing and miraculous things for us, but only His Abiding Presence will grow us and sustain us through this difficult thing called life! We have to remain seated in His Abiding Presence!  

Waiting With No Delay: Live Broadcast: 

January 5, 2020 

Why are we waiting on things that have been declared “not on delay”? Let’s talk about that! 

“...though it linger, wait for will certainly come AND will NOT delay.”

The Faces of God: The Face of The Savior Live Broadcast: 

December 18, 2019  

I began a series on the Faces of God a couple of weeks ago. The First one I did, I did with my friend, Lisa Perna. I invite you to go over to my facebook page to check that out. This second one, on The Face of The Savior, I  shared some nuggets, some layers of revelation I have begun to see once again. This reflection and soaking in the complex simplicity of Savior has been wrecking me in this season of Christmas.

Seated in Heavenly Places: Dare2Hear Podcast

November 20, 2019

What does it mean to be seated in heavenly Places? And how to we step into our heavenly authority as a believer? It starts with us recognizing our identity.

Amie had the honor of being a guest on Debbie Kitterman's Dare2Hear Podcast - we invite you to take a moment to listen.

Find Dare2Hear at your favorite podcast provider or watch on YouTube at:

You can also find her on Facebook:

Dry Bones & Promises!: Live Broadcast 

November 18, 2019

You need to see His Promises are never forgotten - not over your life or the lives of past generations! The Lord is calling us to speak to those dead, dry bones of our past & past generations; His life to be breathed back into them and for them to ARISE!!! YES!!!! These bones shall LIVE!!!!!

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It's a Marathon Not a Sprint: Live Broadcast

November 13, 2019

Remembering to set your own personal pace will help you avoid getting worn down, worn out, frustrated and disappointed. Let's not get to that place and then resign ourselves to reside in a place that was only meant for a quick rest. 

*Amie recorded a quick video on this subject as well and can be found on my YouTube channel.

Living in Your Nazareth

Encouragement through Amie

October 24, 2019

Recover, Reconstruct, Restore

Encouragement through Amie

October 23, 2019

Amie had the honor of being a guest on Debbie Kitterman's Dare 2 Hear Podcast. We invite you to take a moment to listen to their conversation about Bringing Heaven to Earth. 

The Weight Determines The Cost

Encouragement through Amie

October 19, 2019

Your Wait Determines Your Weight

Encouragement through Amie

October 10, 2019

Emerging, Alters of Impossibility, Double Harvest: Prophetic Encouragement through Amie

September 18, 2019

You Are The Key For Breakthrough!

Do certain things in your life feel like the movie "Groundhog Day"? The Lord is giving you and using you as a key for your breakthrough! 

June 24, 2019