#NotGoingHome Devotional

I have been given the incredible honor to be included in this collaborative Women's Devotional, "#Not Going Home"! This book was written by women, for women! 

I would like to invite you to grab your copy at the link below!

- Amie

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Amie Rogers

Amie Rogers is a lover of Jesus Christ, a wife and mother of four who operates in the gift of the prophetic, processing life through her writing. Having lived through many triumphs and tragedies she has been gifted with plenty of humility and some wisdom. Amie has been moved to share her journey with absolute transparency. She is compelled to show others the redemptive, restorative and healing power of Jesus through encouragement, prophetic words and His healing touch. Her mission is to speak His Life & His Love, inviting others in to hear the Lord’s heartbeat for themselves.

Amie Rogers

Peoria, Illinois




Mission, Vision & Purpose

Amie has a deep desire to see Heaven manifest here on Earth in all it’s miraculous nature - becoming the new normal and reality in her lifetime. She believes there is a fresh fire, revelation and anointing of new gifts coming to ALL who are surrendered to God. Those that have been committed to seeking Him in the secret place will begin to carry His Glory, dripping in love and humility as His presence is ushered into hearts, homes, communities and nations. The fire of God will touch mouths, so that when they open, the word of God spoken will bring a heavy glory that falls over everyone that hears. The world will watch those wrecked by Heaven’s love doing great acts that shift atmospheres of depression, oppression and sickness. The healing fires of Heaven will manifest while standing in the presence of those that are walking in the will of God; destined with His purpose!

The Lord is now moving in a much different way through the body of Christ, He is sending us all out to change the world through magnificent displays of love and incredible acts of faith - drawing the attention to the supernatural existence of His power in our lifetime. It is time that we host His presence daily and show this world that Heaven truly IS AT HAND!

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18 NIV

She wants to see others healed through the prophecy of her personal testimonies and through the healing power of God’s word and manifested presence in her life. Her hope is to help others shift their view of life’s circumstances from that of one in a valley, to one high above with a Heavenly perspective. From this vantage point, it will ultimately exchange pain for God’s purpose. This transformation will activate a deeper level of faith that will in turn bring about the ultimate victory God intended since the beginning. 



Together, in late 2017, Amie & Anne Marie came together to host raw and real conversations on social media, giving insight on real life circumstances with a biblical perspective on each topic. Many of these conversations were birthed in their individual quiet time where God began to share with them similar and obviously connected messages. While these conversations started out as private discussions between the two of them, a fire began to burn in each one of them to share these topics with others. They longed to dive deep into what God was speaking to them and have a sounding board to hear the thoughts and discernment of others. These conversations quickly became coauthored articles that would share the words God spoke to their spirits and left burning in their hearts.

Amie & Anne Marie have stayed devoted to sharing as God leads, whether it be through Raw & Real Ministries or things He placed in their hearts individually long ago. Most importantly they will continue to remain fluid and obedient to God’s lead in everything within and around their lives.

Anne Marie Molster

Anne Marie Molster, Boonsboro, Maryland

Coauthor & partner in early Raw & Real broadcast discussions and articles.

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